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Watsu (Uccle)

Watsu Transition Flow (Uccle)

Intensive 3 day course in Uccle (Brussels)

Watsu (Water Shiatsu) is an aquatic bodywork modality developed in Harbin Hot Springs (Northern California) in the early 1980s. Watsu combines different forms of touch and massage with stretches and joint and spine mobilization. Among countless benefits, Watsu promotes blood and lymph circulation, optimizes the energy flow and helps alleviate many physical, psychological or emotional tensions.

The safe bond created during the session can repair or increase awareness, trust of and confidence in oneself, one another and the water. During a session of Watsu the head is always supported and the face is never submerged.

The course takes place in a pool whose little chlorinated water is heated at 34°C. Participants will learn how to use the principles of floatation in the water to provide a safe and efficient session. Focus will be on postural work of the giver, on the quality of the relationship that is created with the recipient as well as on the fluidity of movements and transitions. Students will be given a manual and a link to a video showing the full sequence learned during the course.

This course is the second part of Watsu 1 (first module of the professional training). It enables people who took Watsu Basic to expand their vocabulary in order to be able to give a complete sequence of about 50 minutes.

The course is taught in French but translation into English, Spanish or Italian is possible upon request.

Hours credited on the registry: 34

Important: A 30€ discount is offered to the first 3 people who register for this course! A 40% discount is also offered to any student or practitioner wishing to audit (repeat) the course.

The course will also be offered at that venue on November 16-18, 2019.

Dates and times
From Friday 12 till Sunday 14 July 2019: 9:00am - 6:00pm

Au bord de l’eau
Chaussée d’Alsemberg, 620
1180 Uccle (Bruxelles)
Public transport
Tram 51
Nearest Villo station
Station n° 242 (Maison Communale d'Uccle)
380 €
150 €
What to wear
Comfortable clothes for land classes.
What to bring
Swim suit, towel, bath robe, pool flip flops; your logbook, notebook and pen.
Tea, herb tea and snacks courtesy of Chispa asbl.

Yves Delattre is a certified Watsu practitioner and instructor trained with the most renowned teachers in aquatic bodywork. He teaches within the International School of Watsu as a Watsu 2 Instructor. Besides, he works as a professional actor, dancer and musician since 1987 and also practices and teaches Thai Yoga Massage in Europe and in South America since 2006.