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Music / Rhythm

The Hero’s Journey

Rhythm, body and voice residential LAB

As artists, makers, teachers in the creative arts, the importance of gathering and re-fueling is key to opening new doorways and modes of exploration.

This 4 day intensive, in the enchanting setting of the Château d’Assenois, will utilize voice, sound, rhythm, and movement, as we dive into the archetypal pattern of narrative that appears in drama, storytelling, music, myth, ritual, and our own lives! From the larger phases of the departure, the initiation, and the return, to the rich territory of the steps, or journey’s within the journey.

The theme of The Hero’s Journey, as identified by Joseph Campbell offers a rich and invaluable entrance point for creative exploration and play. It will serve as a springboard for participants, who will be guided into ‘ways in’ and processes of abstracting themes, ideas, as well as asking ourselves as artists, what fuels or feeds us? What guides us? In what way do we follow our bliss?

This residential training is for any person or artist, professional or amateur, teacher or therapist... using body and voice on a regular base and willing to enrich their practice through an innovative approach to rhythm in its relationship with voice and movement.

The TaKeTiNa sessions will help grounding the process by working on body awareness, quality of presence, musicality of both body and voice and the dynamic relationship between the group and the individual. A source of exploration of the journey in itself!

The workshops will be provided in English and French with translation throughout the course.
(min.12, max. 20 participants)

Dates and times
Thursday 13, 10am - Sunday 16 July 2017, 5:30pm

Château d’Assenois
45, rue de la Gaume
6860 Léglise
560 €
150 €
Reduced fee
490 € if we receive your deposit before 01/07/2017
What to wear
Comfortable clothes for body work indoors and outdoors. Swimsuit.
Full board: 3 meals a day prepared by Cécile Denis with certified organic food (and vegan possibility).
We offer with no charge the accommodation at the castle: camping or rooms (limited) with your own sleeping gear. Attribution according to requests and in the order of registrations received.

Musician and teacher of rhythm and polyphony, Baptiste Vaes leads for more than fifteen years the workshops «Choeur en mouvement» and has directed several vocal ensembles including Pej (male choir) and EnfanTfare (children and adolescents). His teaching focuses particularly onto the transmission of traditional and folk songs and the practice of vocal improvisation. He is an accredited TaKeTiNa teacher, introducing people to this practice in Belgium and abroad.

Tania Bosak is a TaKeTiNa teacher and teacher trainer. She has worked for more than 17 years with TaKeTiNa as a musician, actor, composer and diverse music and performance teacher and trainer. She also actively assists and teaches workshops and teacher trainings in collaboration with the founder of TaKeTiNa Reinhard Flatischler in Europe and Australia. Tania also conducts intensive rhythm voice movement and creativity workshops with TaKeTiNa teacher Baptiste Vaes.