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avril 2022 | juin 2022


Big Bang Choir

Vocal improvisation workshops led by Baptiste Vaes. It is said that before the Big Bang, the potential of the cosmos was to be found in an energy point of incredible density, from which the universe started to expand with the diversity that one knows. The improviser is like the stars before the Bang : full of energy, he listens to the silence and waits, ready to jump into the music.

Work starts from simple exercises around sound and pulsation, used as first guides towards improvisation : clapping to a beat later on divided or multiplied, improvised polyphony based on a single drone... The journey then becomes polyrhythmic (various layers of rhythms) and harmonic (chord of three or more notes) leading the way to free improvisations by the end of the workshop, where following a chord grid or a given rhythm gives way to the joy of the musical energy flow.